CLEAN CAR EXPO 2018 Accepting Clean Car Technology Exhibits – an alternative to gas & CO2 pollution

March 5-7, 2018
Sails Pavilion, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA


Charge Expo is accepting exhibit reservations from manufacturers, suppliers and supporting companies for electric, CNG, natural gas, biodiesel, hybrid and other clean car technologies, that help reduce the use of gas and CO2 pollution.

Charge Expo will bring together the world’s leading auto manufacturers, supply chain companies, consultants, software developers, policy makers and suppliers, to display the latest alternate vehicle technologies that do not use gas.

Charge Expo is positioned to become the largest exposition of its kind, hosting EV, CNG, H2, NGV, Biofuel, Hybrid and Fleet vehicles, all in one location. The Charge Expo is collocated with the already successful EUEC 2018: USA’s Largest Energy Utility Environment Conference & Expo, with 2,000 delegates, 400 speakers and 150 exhibits.

The two major sources of  carbon emissions in the United States are from (1) fossil fuel fired power plants and (2) vehicles.

Charge Expo will showcase all types alternate fuel vehicles that do not use gas, while the EUEC 2018 conference deals with all aspects of power plant carbon emissions. Both help reduce carbon emissions that cause global warming.

As we lower vehicle emissions, and reduce the use of finite fossil-fuel resources, to become energy independent, there is a growing interest in alternative fuels, the most popular being electricity, hydrogen, natural gas, propane, methanol, and biodiesel. The Charge Expo program will help utilize these abundant, lower-cost, alternative fuel resources to revolutionize our EV, CNG, H2, NGV, Biofuel, Hybrid and Fleet vehicle markets.

Admission to the Charge Expo is free for the public for three days. Over 3,000 attendees are expected.