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Track K: NGV, CNG, & Fleet Systems

  • CNG & NGV
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Infrastructure Technology
  • Fuel Supply Systems
  • OEM
  • Fleet Technology
  • Regulations & Incentives
  • Advanced Technologies & Sustainability

Track L: Biofuels, Ethanol, H2 Fuel Cells

  • Production & Operations
  • Leadership & Financial Management
  • Coproducts & Product Diversification
  • Cellulosic & Advanced Ethanol
  • Hydrogen Systems & Mobility
  • Hydrogen Energy Storage
  • Fuel Cell Power Solutions
  • Fuel Cells as EV Range Extenders

Track M: EV, PHEV & Hybrid Systems

  • EV & PHEV & Smart Grid
  • Powertrain Design and Development
  • Electric & Hybrid Architecture Trends
  • Vehicle Power Management
  • Hybrid Applications & Technology
  • EV Battery Development Trends
  • Electrification & Hybrid Architecture
  • Off-Highway Electrification and Hybridization

Track N: Battery & Storage Systems

  • Advanced battery manufacturing
  • Reinventing lead acid
  • Battery safety, testing and modelling
  • Battery pack design and engineering
  • Beyond Li-ion – R&D
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Utility Energy Storage
  • Battery Recycling and Management


  •     Each session is 2 hours long with 6 speakers.
  •     Speakers introduce themselves and have a total of 20 minutes each.  Try to leave some time for Q&A.
  •     Co-chairs give warning signals to speakers at 10 minutes and 15 minutes and signal the speaker to stop at 20 minutes.
  •     The room is set-up with a PC and projector, which will contain any pre-loaded PowerPoint presentations emailed before the conference to info@euec.com (note: presentations sent after Jan 28th will not be able to be pre-loaded, so please bring them on a flash drive).
  •     Speakers should bring back-up final PowerPoint slides on a flash drive, including any updated slides.
  •     EUEC will publish your PowerPoint presentation in the flash drive proceedings to be mailed to all registered delegates.
  •     AUDIO RELEASE FORM: Please sign and send us the audio release form if you do NOT wish the Audio portion of your presentation to be recorded and synched with the PowerPoint presentations in the flash drive proceedings.

Session Chairs

Session chairs very briefly introduce the session, keep the session on time, and moderate the Q&A if time remains after the final speaker is done.
Session chairs are asked to ensure that the session runs on time within 20 minutes allocated for each speaker.  Give warning signals at 10 minutes, 15 minutes and signal the speaker to stop at 20 minutes.

  •     Please remind speakers of the time requirements.
  •     Please discourage undue marketing during technical presentations.
  •     Please do not rearrange speakers after the program is published.
  •     If an opening occurs, if possible please hold an extended Q&A or discussion to allow speakers to get back on track.

Publication in Online Journal of EUEC is Optional
(Submit Manuscript following guidelines in April)